I have possibly the craziest idea ever…

….that a lot of you are just going to blatantly ignore because you will possibly hate it BUT…

What if all the Sterek fans and all the Destiel fans decided to make it a draw? Like a perfect 50-50 draw on the poll. If we just all put our big boy pants on and accepted that both ships are fucking awesome we wouldn’t be having this fandapocalypse that’s going on right now, which is killing us all slowly and intimately and in every way it knows we fear.

I just think that it would be a really awesome thing if we all just worked together to make it a perfect draw.
Because I’m a fucking hippie, okay? 

Peace and love, man, peace and love. (with a cheeky sprinkling of gay sex)

Wednesday, 19 - 09 - 2012

#sterek #destiel #after elton poll #slash madness tourney #oh god why
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    This would be the best thing ever. A perfect fifty-fifty, but how could you plan something like that? What if someone...
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